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Interview with a humanitarian aid worker (UN)

Der Social Studies-Kurs (E1) hat während des Lockdowns im Januar ein Interview mit einem Mitarbeiter des UN World Food Programme im Südsudan geführt:

On January 20th, 2021 our Social Studies course interviewed Krishnan Nair, Programme & Policy Officer and Head of Transitions and Emergency Strategy at the UN World Food Programme on Ms Piller’s invitation.

Mr Nair has been a humanitarian aid worker since 2011, having worked for several NGOs such as International Medical Corps and the Danish Red Cross, in places like Myanmar and Iraq. He is currently with the UN World Food Programme in South Sudan, the world’s youngest country.

Getting up and ready fairly early (there is a two hours time difference between Frankfurt and Juba in the winter) so he could squeeze us into his schedule, we interviewed him in his apartment in Juba, South Sudan, thanks to the blessing of modern technology that is video conferencing.

Humanitarian aid worker translates into „Entwicklungshelfer“ in German. The German word still echoes a Euro-centric, almost missionary world view, an outlook we discussed as much as the political situation in South Sudan, Covid-19, the impact of humanitarian aid and the demands and rewards the job offers. Scroll down to read our full report below!Mr Nair can be spotted in the picture by looking for the little blue speaker symbol (third row down, third from the left).