2020: The Sudan – haunted by its history in 2020

Topic: „Postcolonial Challenges and Crises: A Revolution? Unrest and Social Inequality in the Sudan 2020“

The students are currently dealing with the situation in the Sudan, marked by the 2019 revolution, the 2020 coup d’etat and the effects of the Black Lives Matter movement, Covid-19 and the Darfur crisis. To better understand the political currents of todays Sudan, the class has researched the history of the Sudan as an Anglo-Egyptian colony and as a centre of cultures clash and slave trade.

Students‘ videos and podcasts will be linked from here shortly.

Excerpt from our analysis of the ongoing governmental and social crisis in the Sudan

  • What happened when? (black)
  • Who was involved and why? (blue)
  • What are the roots of the conflict(s)? (red)
  • Which factors drive the conflict? (red)