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School Centre for Music Education and Furthering of the Gifted


at the Musterschule

Die Urkunde der Hessischen Kultusministerin

Within the context of the programme for furthering the gifted in the state of Hessia, the Musterschule was named a „School Centre for Music Education and Furthering of the Gifted“. The high school receives special financial support for its extraordinary engagement in the area of music pedagogy and its collaboration with the music academy Dr. Hoch’s Conservatorium in Frankfurt.

Teachers from the Conservatorium give lessons at the Musterschule in music theory and ear training; the students receive a special certificate upon completion. The Musterschule in Frankfurt is the first school to receive special financial support within the state government’s programme for furthering the gifted.

The Musterschule had already received the certification „School with focus on music“ from the Hessian Ministry of Culture long before the centre was established. Schools with this distinction offer at least ten hours of music lessons per week throughout the 5th to the 10th grades (high schools: 12 hours); on the upper class high school level, music should be offered as an advanced course.

(from the press release of the Hessian Ministry of Culture)

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